Sampling and measuring equipment for hydrology, pedology, hydrogeology, meteorology, remediation, plant physiology and environmental research.


We offer comprehensive solutions by supplying of instruments and measuring systems for soil science, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, meteorology, plant research and environmental diagnostics. Our company also provides customized measurements for various institutions.
The consultation usually has following structure:
  1. Purpose specification.
  2. Discussion of the clients requirements (objective and purpose of sampling, which parameters and where to be measured, accuracy requirements, question of using dataloggers, remote data transfer etc.).
  3. Recommendation of suitable measuring/sampling devices or instruments from our product range or from products of other suppliers (if it is more convenient for the purpose).
  4. Consultation with the client of the proposed devices and methods respectively and modifying the device/method selection.
  5. Guarantee of the functionality of the proposed system combining devices of various manufacturers.