Sampling and measuring equipment for hydrology, pedology, hydrogeology, meteorology, remediation, plant physiology and environmental research.

Our Products for export:

Model no.: 011xx

Watersampling GIGANT pumps for regulator GR-4

  • Proven high quality Gigant and Booster pumps used in the sets
  • 4 sets of pumps avaible for depths of water from 8 to 36 m
  • Watertight coupling between the pumps and cables
  • Diameter of pumps only 37 mm.
  • Supply voltage of 12 VDC via connection to your car battery (external battery is also possible)
  • Special 4 wire cable.
  • Splash-water tested connection for the GR-4 pump regulator
  • Inexpensive PE tubing dia. 10/12 mm connectable
  • For water sampling and well purging it is necessary to use the following equipment which is not included in the Gigant sets: Pump regulator GR-4, 12 V battery, Tubing, mostly inexpensive PE, diameter 10/12 mm
  • Technical specifications you can find in the Datasheet
  • Technical diagram in borehole you can also find here
Czech User Guide Datasheet Diagram in borehole
Model no.: EA GR4 FM

Pump Regulator GR-4 for GIGANT Pumps

  • Enables connection to Sets of 1,2,3 and 4 Gigant and Booster pumps to a standard car battery
  • Frequency converter, delivered simultaneously, guarantees optimal voltage even when long cables are used
  • Powered by a typical 12 V car battery (or external 12 V battery if is desired)
  • Safe supply voltage of 12 V
  • Regulation of outflow from 0 - 100 % (low flow sampling is possible)
  • For water sampling from monitoring wells at depths of up to 36 m
  • Protected against pump overheating and deep battery discharge
  • Technical specifications you can find in the Datasheet
Czech User Guide Datasheet
Model no.: EA EWS

WaterLogger EWS

  • Universal datalogger for limnigraphic stations, Early Warning Systems, meteostations etc.
  • Compact and durable housing IP65
  • Operation without battery replacement, according to use, for up to 10 years
  • Two-way remote communication GSM/GPRS
  • Channeling data to user server or to internet application EnviroData
  • Changes to station parametrs trought internet
  • Water level measurement is possible in three ways - manometrically, ultrasonic or radar
  • Built-in pressure sensor
  • Possibility to connect many meteosensors, tensiometers, soil moisture sensors etc.
  • Wireless data transfer to user server or to an internet EnviroDATA application
  • SMS message or emails if limit values or gradient are exceeded
  • Competive price, software free of charge
  • Warranty period 24 months
  • Technical specifications you can find in the Datasheet
English User Guide Datasheet
Model no.: EA ED12

Web Application EnviroDATA

  • Web application for storing management and visualisation of data from telemetric stations
  • Comfortable access to data from any computer connected to internet
  • Clear display of data in a table or graphs within a certain period of time
  • Pre-processing of data, statistic functions and comparison of graphs
  • Simple export of data for further processing
  • Changes of station parameters through internet
  • You can try free demo version
Demo version
Model no.: PS EasyLog

EasyLog Datalogger

  • Datalogger is primarily designed for long term measuring with low repetion frequency
  • 8 analog inputs with configurable resolution of 12 or 24 bits and 4 digital inputs make it an ideal choice for small measurement systems
  • Power supply: 4-24 V battery with a solar panel or connect to adapter to 230 V
  • SD card up to 512 MB
Model no.: PS PROlog

PROlog Datalogger

  • The datalogger uses the latest low voltage technology with high-precision analog converters and multitasking system works in real time
  • 20 analog inputs, 12 digital inputs
  • Power supply: 12 V battery with a solar panel or adapter which is connected to 230 V
  • The possibility of external GPRS modem
  • SD card up to 2 GB
Model no.: HumiAir9 - Relative humidity Probe

HumiAir9 - Relative humidity Probe

  • High accuracy +/- 3 %
  • Relative humidity and temperature output
  • Long term stability V
  • Analog and serial output
  • Low power consumption
  • Standard M12 connector connection
  • Dimension 22 mm x 130 mm
Model no.: Pt100 - Temperature probes

Pt100 - Temperature probes

  • Two models
  • High accuracy
  • Long term stability V
  • 4-wire connection
  • Applied in meteorology
  • Cable 5 m
  • Measuring range - 50 °C to + 70 °C
Model no.: E 0501

UV-VIS fluorescence detector

  • Determins the presence and concentration of fluorescein in hydrogeological tracer test
  • After blackout, can be used in surface waters
  • LED generating radiation in the UV-VIS region with an emission maximum of 475 nm
  • Photoresistor for detecting tracer
  • Short-term and continuous measurement
  • The detection limit for fluorescein is 0.01 ppm
  • Measuring range: 0.05 to 0.5 ppm. Pressure loads probes to 3 bar
Model no.: SS ADBS

ADBS - Hydraulic Drilling Rig

  • Fully hydraulic drilling rig with the hydraulic rotary head
  • The rig is suitable for geological - survey work and for work in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeology
  • The rig is adapted for direct or indirect water flushing technology and for the down-the-hole drilling technology (DTH) with air flushing
  • The rig can be used also for drilling by a hammer on a rope after retrofitting the rig with a compressor
  • We are able to satisfy our customers in cases of special orders according to their needs and specifications
Model no.: SS

Small hydraulic drilling rig on the crawler chassis

  • Fully hydraulic drilling rig with the rotary head, which is mounted on the Messeresi crawler chassis
  • The rig is suitable for the implementation in the field of the engineering geology
  • Dimension of the drilling rig (width x length): 1120 mm x 2000 mm
  • Total weight without the tools is approximately: 1500 kg
  • We are able to satisfy our customers in cases of special orders according to their needs and specifications
Model no.: WTR750

Technology for pulsed testing of rocks in natural conditions

  • An equipment to produce hydraulic shocks in an environment filled with pressurized water
  • Simple hydraulic powered equipment
  • Purpose and goal is to create a water hammer in a closedI waterBfilled environment for the purpose of disrupting the surrounding geological environment
  • Water flow = 9 l/min
  • Max. pressure caused by thrust apprx. 750 bar
Model no.: VK133

VK133- 3D automated system for testing the strength characteristics of brittle materials

  • Automated system for testing and evaluating the strength characteristics of brittle materials in simple tension
  • Treated sample of material is closed in a pressure chamber
  • Simulation of external pressure on the exterior of the sample allows specially designed pressure chamber which is provided independently of the cleaving pressure
  • Cleaving pressure is brought into the center of the test sample separately from the pressure in the sample exterior
  • The impact on the tested sample can be achieved by both linear and pulsed cleaving pressure
  • Frequency of thrust = 1 Hz
  • Working pressure for cleaving = max. 49.0 MPa