Sampling and measuring equipment for hydrology, pedology, hydrogeology, meteorology, remediation, plant physiology and environmental research.


We value our customers very much and we appreciate when they return to us repeatedly. We do our best to increase their knowledge of new trends and innovations in the field of sampling and monitoring instruments used for enviromental applications.
Below you can find an overview of companies and institutions, which are our long term partners. If you want to have a look at the detailed list of references, please, go here.


Early Warning Systems (EWS)

Poject finaced by Operation Program for Environment.

Modernization of forcasting and early warning systems enhancing flood protection.

Delivery of instruments for surface streams and rainfall water level measurement.

Web application for easy measured data management from automatic stations equipped with remote data transfer system.

Sending warning SMS when SPA gradient increase is exceeded or battery low voltage detected.

It is possible to use even for other applications, e.g. hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, agriculture, etc.

Hydrology Telemetric Station in Prague, river Vltava, profile Charles Bridge – Bradac

Referential project of water level measurement of Vltava River by the Charles Bridge in Prague. Measurement is carried out by inteligent automatic water level probe Solinst Levelogger, and telemetric station WATERLOGGER. The station is installed at the site of the first arch of the St.Judith Bridge, where originally a relief of man’s face called Bradac (Beard Man) was located. According to legend, the face belonged to the first builder of St.Judith Bridge. The bridge was constructed in the 12th century. For centuries Bradac served the citizens of Prague as a water level mark.

Here is a list of towns where we have this system: Bdeneves, Bilovice nad Svitavou, Borenovice, Bouzov, Brevnice, Bulovka, Cernousy, Cervene Porici, Davle, Detrichov, Dlouha ves, Dolni Bela, Dolni Rasnice, Drnovice, Habartice, Hejnice, Hevlin, Horky nad Jizerou, Horni Dubenky, Horni Police, Horni Rasnice, Jesenice, Jevisovice, Jeviskovka, jindrichovice, Kamenec, Kostelni Lhota, Kozolupy, Krasikov, Krasny Les, Krtenov, Kuklik, Kunratice, Kvetnice, Lazne Libverda, Lostice, Lukavice, Martinice, Medlov, Mikulovice, Milesov, Mirov, Moravicany, Mostkovice, Navojna, Nedasova Lhota, Nedvedice, Novy Knin, Olesnice, Opocno, Osvetimany, Paclavice, Pertoltice, Petrovice, Pisecna, Planany, Prilepy, Przno, Raspenava, Retova, Rozdalovice, Sasov, Skrchov, Slana u Semil, Sobechleby, Stritez, Svihov, Svratka, Tatenice, Terezin, Tichov, Trnava, Umyslovice, Vejprnice, Velka Lecice, Velke Hydcice, Vichova nad Jizerou, Visnova, Vlkov, Vojkovice, Zajecice, Zlucice, Zubri, Zulova.



Dekonta, a.s. – Monitoring systems for nuclear power station Kozloduj, Bulgaria.

Delivery of profesional automatic meteostation.

Delivery of pneumatic sampling pumps Bladder Pumps (producer Solinst, Canada) for accurate monitoring of underground water in hydrogeological monitoring wells.

Fitting 15 HG boreholes with automatic waterlevel measuring probes Levelogger and remote data transfer facility through telemetric station Waterlogger (GSM/GPRS – BG operator).

TDR – soil monture sensors ( producer IMKO, Geramny).



Center for Excellent Management of catchment area under changing conditions of the environment – Partners: UH SAV, SPU Nitra and TU Zvolen.

Fifteen stations – soil moisture profile up to 2,5 m. 10HS soil moisture probes installed (producer Decagon, USA). (výrobce Decagon, USA)

Four meteorologic stations equiped by sensors for air humidity and temperature measurement, wind speed and direction, heated raingauge and global radiation sensor.

Ten boreholes – stations for underground water level measurement equipped by inteligent manometric sensors Levelogger (produced by Solinst, Canada).

Catchment Area of Nitra and Zitava rivers, reaching even catchmnet area of Vah and Hron.

Telemetric data transfer through transfer stations PROlog, data processing and management within the internet database Enviro DATA.